During this time of shelter-in-place, we are actively working from home on our client's projects.   As one's home has become possibly more important than ever, we are focused on enhancing life through good design.    

In addition to our design work, we have partnered with an amazing organization, Miracle Messages. They help people experiencing homelessness reconnect with loved ones. During COVID19, we've been part of a team that has secured large batches of hand sanitizer for the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Los Angeles area homeless populations and those working with them.  We are so grateful to Levecke and Endless West for their generous contributions to this cause, and for the incredible team at Miracle Messages who work tirelessly and their volunteers -- all of whom we now consider friends.  

At Hills & Grant, we are aware that we are fortunate to still have good health, exciting work, and security - a roof over our head and food on the table. It has been our privilege to do what we can to help those who do not have these things during this troubling time.  In addition to our work with Miracle Messages, we donate to the SF-Marin Food Bank, the Alameda County Community Food Bank, Sierra Community House, and the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.  All of these charities are worthwhile and if you have resources to offer, I know they would welcome your support. 

I hope you are safe and well, and that we can connect soon - preferably in person over a good meal! 

Warmly, Kris

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