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Healthy Home 

Hills and Grant is committed to creating home environments that are healthier and more comfortable while conserving natural resources.  If you are taking the time to look at this page, then you probably are too!

There are many ways we can help you create a healthy and happy home environment, here are just a couple.

Rule #1: Be a Good Steward

You will make many choices when you build, renovate or decorate your home.  Let's face it, there are hundreds of options just for lightbulbs, so when it comes to anything that involves your home, it is important to make choices that are good for your home and the environment. Here's how to do this:

When possible recycle by using vintage objects - less manufacturing and unique style! 

When purchasing a newly produced item, try to buy as close to home as possible.  

Try to choose companies that use sustainable practices.  There are companies out there that specialize in using recycled and reclaimed materials!

Rule #2: Practice Healthy Living

Did you know that indoor air quality usually contains four to five time more toxins than the air outside? As buildings become increasingly airtight to help conserve energy, it is more important than ever to reduce the amount of pollutants in our homes.  Some ways to improve air quality are:

Choose products that are closer to their natural states  -- less processing means fewer chemicals in the environment.  

​Make use of vintage furniture that has its original finish. If you are going to purchase or build new furniture, look for water-based stains and varnishes for wood finishes and low VOC paints to reduce the amount of toxins you bring indoors.

Introduce certain houseplants to clean the air you breathe! 

Vintage Scandinavian chair & rosewood bar by HIlls & Grant Interior Design in Lafayette, Ca.
Vintage Scandinavian light and furnishings for mid-centruy modern home by HIlls & Grant Interior Design in Lafayette, Ca.
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